We help successful individuals create the memories that last a lifetime by realising their passions and dreams!

By providing our members with regular and VIP access to all the world's major entertainment events.

From football to the opera and red carpet ceremonies, our supply capability is limited only by our members' imaginations.

  • Guaranteed bookings and service delivery.
  • We specialize in last minute requests and most demanded events.
  • We are transparent, charging a fixed booking fee.
  • We enjoy a worldwide network of reliable partners which we put at your disposal.
  • Simple and tailored booking process.
  • Advice: Drawing on decades of combined experience, our personal consultants are able to provide you with all their recommendations and advice you will need for whichever event you choose to attend.
  • We pride ourselves on our "go the extra mile" attitude towards service, don't take our word for it, we invite you to contact us!

Successful individuals who enjoy increasing their quality of life!

We all have passions!


Our entire “modus operandi” is member based and led. We generally operate on a request basis situating our member’s needs and requirements at the centre of everything we do. From each individual request and “what the member needs for this occasion”, all the way through to how the member’s account is set-up and consequently managed, we tailor the entire experience to adjust to each individual member’s needs and preferences.

Exclusive Personal Consultant

We believe in providing a dedicated service. You will be assigned an exclusive and dedicated Personal Consultant to enhance your experience.

24/7/365 Availability

Sometimes the nature of our business requires our consultants to be available at any time of day or night and that’s what we are here for.

Tailored Account Set up

We understand that each member has their own preference on how they wish to confirm a booking and make the payment for the same. We are here to make everything as simple as possible, ideally all you will have to do is say “yes” and we will do the rest.

Complimentary Delivery

We include complimentary delivery to the member’s hotel or local address within the city where the event is taking place.

Experience & Advice

Each of our consultants are fully trained, drawing on decades of combined experience, in order to help guide you and find the right solution for you, whatever the event, whatever the venue.

Priority Access

Many of our partners provide us with priority access to event allocations. We extend this service to our members.

Loyalty Programs & Referral Fees

Depending on the membership you set up with us, we offer loyalty programs and/or referral fees. We believe in nurturing and developing relationships, our objective is creating as many “win-win situations” as possible!

Tailored Account Management

Each of our members have their own set of requirements, preferences and passions! We continuously monitor the same and find the right offers and solutions for each.

We do not compete on a price basis, we do it on a quality and service basis. We are proud to say we operate in a “premium” market and aim to always surpass our members’ expectations with what we are able to deliver.

Let us make it happen!


These are just a few
examples of our portfolio


Our members are people who value the ability of being able to say “I was there when… ”.

Our members are highly time-oriented and value our immediate responsiveness and efficiency.

We value our members requirements and specifications so much that we work tirelessly to surpass the members expectations

Our clients, being used to traveling to all parts of the world at a moment's notice, are delighted to be able to benefit from the services provided by our company.

We provide much more then services to our members. We provide Lifestyle!

We cater to individuals, intermediaries and corporate clients. Please contact us to find the best membership option for you.

Let us show you how much we care